Proximity search of static POI (Searches for the closest static POI from a specific location and returns a POI list sorted by ascending distance. Calculation is based on as the crow flies and POIs are hosted on a ViaMichelin database).



xml, json


A proximity search = Charged request (whetever the number of results)


1.0 Added to REST API


Input settings

NameMandatory?Data typeDescriptionDefault
db yes string Database unique identifier (given by ViaMichelin) N/A
lg yes string Language code (fra, deu, spa, ita, eng, ces, dan, nld, fin, int, nor, pol, por, swe) N/A
center yes float:float Center of search as longitude:latitude exprimé in decimal degrees N/A
dist no positive integer Search radius in meters (from 0 to 200,000). 10000
nb no positive integer Number of returned POI (from 1 to 100). 20
c[i] no integer Filter on the result dataset according to the value of the numeric metadata [i]. this parameter can be multi-valued. The semantics of the metadata is specific to each database of POIs.
For example if you want to get POIs with metanum 1 set to 1 and metanum 2 set to 1 or 2, you write ...&c1=1&c2=1; 2&....
name no string Filter on POIs name. Several words are seperated by '+' in URL.
See also textMode parameter.
text no string Filter on a string (full text search). Several words are seperated by '+' in URL.
See also textMode parameter.
sidx no positive integer Allows pagination by specifying index of the first returned POI in the dataset.
For example, if sidx=2 and nb=3, answer contains only the sub POI list from the 3rd to the 5th rank.
-1 (no pagination)
countryLst no string Filter on country of POIs. This parameter can be multi-valued. empty
zipLst no string Filter on postal codes of POIs. This parameter can be multi-valued. empty
textMode non 0: OR | 1: AND Search mode applied to multi-valued name and text parameterss.
OR: only POIs containing at least one of the words are returned.
AND: only POIs containing all words are returned.
orderBy no c[1-50] Identifier of the metanum used to sort POIs.
See also orderDir parameter.
orderDir no asc | desc Sort ordering (ascending or descending) for metanum set in orderBy parameter. asc
authkey yes string Authentication key. This could be a JS key, a token generated by the token function, or the client's id if request is signed (see signature parameter). N/A
signature no string Request signed with the HMAC-SHA1 method where client's password is the secret key. If request signed, authKey must be valued with client's id, and expires must also be valued. URL strings must be URL-encoded before signing. empty
expires no except if signature valued date Expiration GMT date in yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS`'Z format. vide
callback yes if json string Callback function name (applied only if output is json) empty
charset no string Response encoding charset 'ISO-8859-1'
ie no string Request encoding charset 'ISO-8859-1'



  • Search radius dist has to be higher than 100m and lower than 200km.
  • A request cannot return more than 100 POI so nb have to be lower.
  • With pagination, the number of returned POI cannot exceed 2000.


Request samples


Response structure

  • A structure of poiList open in new tab

Please note that unexplained data fields are intended for internal ViaMichelin use only. These can change at any moment and should not be considered for use. Their existence highlights the fact that ViaMichelin uses the same services and technical infrastructure internally as its business clients.

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