Access to meta-data of the static map containing a geographic area entered as center and zoom level. Map url is included in the response.



xml, json


Access to a map definition = charged request. Access to map is free.


1.0 Added to REST API


Input settings

NameMandatory?Data typeDescriptionDefault
center yes float:float Map center as longitude:latitude. N/A
z yes positive integer Zoom level (from 1 to 16). N/A
size yes positive int:positive int Map dimensions as width:height. N/A
lg yes string Language code (fra, deu, spa, ita, eng, ces, dan, nld, fin, int, nor, pol, por, swe) N/A
actions no dx:int;dy:int;zoom:int Actions performed on original map. dx is horizontal panning in pixels, dy is vertical panning in pixels, zoom is zoom level change either positivefor zoom in or negative for zoom out empty
displayicons no int:float:float:string
[:positive int:positive int]
POI to be plotted on map as id:longitude:latitude: client icon id:width:height. Icons are part of client's data hosted at ViaMichelin. Several POI can be plotted. empty
iti_trace no string Encoded trace of a route returned by Route service to display on map. Usually this parameter must be sent in POST because of its length. empty
showCopyright no bool Display ViaMichelin copyright in the bottom left corner of the map. false
poi_icons no dbid:poiid Identifier of the POI to display on the map as additional data. Parameter can be multi-valued. empty
authkey yes string Authentication key. This could be a JS key, a token generated by the token function, or the client's id if request is signed (see signature parameter). N/A
signature no string Request signed with the HMAC-SHA1 method where client's password is the secret key. If request signed, authKey must be valued with client's id, and expires must also be valued. URL strings must be URL-encoded before signing. empty
expires no except if signature valued date Expiration GMT date in yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS`'Z format. vide
callback yes if json string Callback function name (applied only if output is json) empty
charset no string Response encoding charset 'ISO-8859-1'
ie no string Request encoding charset 'ISO-8859-1'



  • Only WGS84 coordinates are accepted as parameters.
  • Image width and height cannot exceed 1.500px.


Request samples


Response structure

  • A structure of map open in new tab

Please note that unexplained data fields are intended for internal ViaMichelin use only. These can change at any moment and should not be considered for use. Their existence highlights the fact that ViaMichelin uses the same services and technical infrastructure internally as its business clients.

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