Computes the best route on the road network between locations. Returns summary, data sheet and map.



xml, json


A route access = charged request (whatever the number of steps and requested data)


1.0 Added to REST API


Input settings

NameMandatory?Data typeDescriptionDefault
lg yes string Language code (fra, deu, spa, ita, eng, ces, dan, nld, fin, int, nor, pol, por, swe) N/A
steps yes (1=xy | 2=poiid | 3=locid):('e'=step | 'p'=waypoint):( lon:lat | db:poiid | locid) List of steps. Each step is structured as step type:step mode: complementary data.
Steps are separated by ';'
data no (header | roadsheet | geom | map) Route elements to be produced. If not set, all elements are returned.
header: summary of the road sheet
roadsheet:full road sheet with all directions
map: map with itinerary trace
geom: raw itinerary trace
veht no 0:Car | 1:Truck | 2:On foot | 3: Cycle | 4:Moto Type of vehicle used by the itinerary calculation. For example, with truck vehicle the calculation favours the motorway and decreases the speed average. Car
wCaravan no bool Specifies if the calculation takes account the caravan. This parameter has an influence on the cost of the toll. false
itit no 0:Michelin recommended | 1:Quickest | 2:Shortest | 3:Sightseeing | 4:Economical Type of itinerary to be calculated.
Recommended: focuses on road safety and comfort while offering a good compromise between time and distance.
Quickest provides the fastest route by emphasising motorways and major roads.
Shortest optimises distance.
Sightseeing focuses on scenic road that may have a touristic interest.
Economical takes into consideration fuel consumption costs and tolls as well as the route distance.
Michelin recommended
favMotorways no bool Specifies if the route should favour motorways. false
avoidBorders no bool Specifies if the route should avoid crossing borders. false
avoidTolls no bool Specifies if the route should avoid tolls. false
avoidCCZ no bool Specifies if the route should avoid Congestion Charge Zones. false
avoidORC no bool Specifies if the route should avoid off-road connections (ferry, train etc). false
multipleIti no bool Specifie if response must include alternative routes. If data is empty or is header, Summary of all routes can be found in header section. See also itiIdx parameter. false
itiIdx no positive integer Index of the route for which you wish to obtain data. makes sense only if multipleIti is true et data is roadsheet, map or geom. 0
distUnit no m | mi Distance unit used in response. m
fuelConsump no positive float:positive float:positive float Defines the consumption of the vehicle in liter per km as average consumption at 50 km/h:average consumption at 90 km/h:average consumption at 120 km/h. 7.9;6.9;7.0
fuelCost no positive float Petrol costs in implicit chosen currency. 1.3
date no yyyy-mm-dd Specifies the departure date of the route then takes into account the major events scheduled in France, such as roadwork and road opening/closures. date of the day
currency no string Currency to get toll costs. Managed currencies are EUR, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, HRK, HUF, NOK, PLN, SEK, SIT, SKK, UAH and USD. EUR
ecoTax no boolean Specify if we want to get an ecotaxe.
Work only if veht value is 1 and truckOpts defined
truckOpts yes if ecoTax value is true {axles : int, width : int, height : int, weight : int, category : int, euroStandard : int}

axels: axels number(6,8, ...) 
width: in tenth of a meter.( i.e: 2m6 = 26)
height: in tenth of a meter.(i.e: 1m6= 16)
weight: in tenth of tons
   0 : all vehicle category
   4 : transit vehicle 
   5 : merchandise transport vehicle
   6 : vehicle transporting explosives
   7 : transport polluants vehicle
   8 : transporting hazardous products vehicle  
euroStandard: European norm


- Only the axle number and weight can influence at ecotaxe computing.
- You need set a default value”0” to the sub parameters category and eurStandard de truckOpts.

distanceByCountry no bool Specify if we want to have the distance by country false
authkey yes string Authentication key. This could be a JS key, a token generated by the token function, or the client's id if request is signed (see signature parameter). N/A
signature no string Request signed with the HMAC-SHA1 method where client's password is the secret key. If request signed, authKey must be valued with client's id, and expires must also be valued. URL strings must be URL-encoded before signing. empty
expires no except if signature valued date Expiration GMT date in yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS`'Z format. vide
callback yes if json string Callback function name (applied only if output is json) empty
charset no string Response encoding charset 'ISO-8859-1'
ie no string Request encoding charset 'ISO-8859-1'



  • Route planner availability is dependant on geographic coverage that change from one country to another. ViaMichelin improves continuously this coverage.
  • Number of steps cannot exceed 8, departure and arrival included.
  • Itinerary cannot exceed 50km on foot and 200km with cycle.


Request samples


Response structure

  • A structure of iti open in new tab

Please note that unexplained data fields are intended for internal ViaMichelin use only. These can change at any moment and should not be considered for use. Their existence highlights the fact that ViaMichelin uses the same services and technical infrastructure internally as its business clients.

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