Web services for experts.

Customised and cross-platform geolocation

What do you need?

  • To reduce travel costs and optimize applications for calculating expenses?
  • To strengthen the efficiency of call centre staff in informing customers of their nearest services?
  • To identify the exact location of broken-down vehicles for greater efficiency in recovery service operation and deployment?

How we can help you?

An open, flexible and cross-platform solution

  • Tailored for business management software, navigation systems, etc
  • 100% compliant with Web standards: HTTP, XML, SOAP, WSDL
  • Simple integration into business management applications

Powerful geolocation-based functions and rich content

  • Geocoding, reverse geocoding and address verification
  • Generation of static location maps
  • Route calculation (driving, pedestrian, cycling) including option to add stages
  • Proximity search (as the crow flies or by road)


  • Optimal solution for business management software
  • Response times and availability among the best in the market
  • Payment based on consumption
  • A full range of mapping functionality to address all your needs
  • Local Customer Support in 5 European countries