• The map is not displayed ?

To display the map, it is necessary that your files are called from a Web server ( Apache for example), if not, you will be redirected to our website


  • How to display the errors ?

You can display the errors by inserting the model of following function in the OnError property of the variable " callbacks". Thus, a dialog box will inform you the kind of errors.

var callbacks = {
    onError : function(e){
alert("onError: "+ e );


  • Can I use my own database ?

You can use your own database via an user account , in order to use for example the " proximity search" and display on the map the points of your database.

  • I need further informations ?

For any technical information, please contact the helpdesk below:

Phone : +33 1 55 19 57 58


For any information related to the services, please contact the commercial service:



Email :

Phone : +331 78 76 47 04