To load the APIJS ViaMichelin , use the script tag on the following example, on the head tag of your HTML code, with your Key number and the language (LANG).


<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>                


For more details about KEY and LANG, refer to the loading of APIJS.


The Map component

In this example, we will display a map in an easiest way.


The container

To display a map, you have to define the HTML element which contains it (its container).

<div id="mapContainer"></div>         

Configuration of the component


To create the map, you must set its container with the property container.

var conf = {

container : $_id("mapContainer")



Loading of the map

The map component is called ViaMichelin.Api.Map. It works with VMLaunch() method and receives a configuration variable (conf).


Note : for advanced functionalities, it is possible to mention the callbacks of the component in order to trigger the different events, like the others component launched by VMLaunch().


VMLaunch("ViaMichelin.Api.Map", conf);              



You can check the result by consulting the page demonstration.

Further examples

Check others examples of use of the map component

Consult the references of the component.